Easily define & implement strategies for your business, on a budget, even if you're not tech savvy.

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Hi! I'm Desi.

For almost a decade, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs STOP spinning in circles with a million to-dos and confusing tech to START growing simple, successful businesses that make a massive impact.

If you struggle with tech, sales, or finding your ideal clients:

I get it – and you’re not alone. Almost all my clients were in that spot before they found me…

The thing is, if you truly want business success, you need 3

non-negotiable ingredients:

Strategy (Outlined implementation is the key to scaling)

Organization (A strong foundation is necessary for growth)

Spirit (YOU are the most important thing in your business)

The good news? None of this has to be nearly as hard as it has been up until now.

When you have the right plan, understand the tech, and someone to hold your hand when you have questions… That’s when it all finally starts to work.

I am a wife, mom, breadwinner, and founder of Virtually Sourced Solutions LLC. I – and the hundreds of clients I have served – are living proof that running a thriving business is not only possible, but also fun and satisfying – even if you’re not techie and even if nothing’s worked until now.

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Natalie Lavelock

CEO of Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting

In the short time I have known Desi & the team at Virtually Sourced, they have become such a huge blessing to me and my business. They are highly efficient and passionate about getting their clients' results and were able to solve a problem for me in just a few hours that someone else had been working on for weeks! I have yet find something that they can't handle - that's rare today! I can not say enough how much I LOVE having them on my side.

What is S.O.S.?

S.O.S. is the foundation of everything we do for entrepreneurs here at Virtually Sourced Solutions. It’s all about keeping things straightforward & doable so you’re not just learning but actually doing.

“S.O.S.” stands for:


Unlock the step-by-step blueprint to cultivate the core pillar of strategy within your business, coupled with precise guidance on the essential "techie stuff" to execute it flawlessly. This entails hands-on assistance, click-by-click, utilizing accessible tools that alleviate frustration. Strategy creates...


Maintaining organization in both life and business requires more than just riding the wave. It's about sustaining consistent progress, especially during challenging times, which are inevitable. The key lies in gaining clarity regarding your objectives and receiving the necessary support to maintain focus. Organization drives...

Spirit is woven through your strategy and resulting organization, and success isn't merely an outcome; it emerges naturally. We're committed to providing guidance and support, ensuring that you remain unstuck and equipped with the answers needed to propel you forward, ultimately realizing your goals accomplished.

Easily define and implement strategies for your business, on a budget, even if you're not tech savvy.

Remember the 3 non-negotiables for business success:

🌞 Strategy

🌲 Organization

✨ Spirit

Let's build a strategy in under 30 minutes including tech ( yep, it can be that easy ):