I am thrilled that you are here. You obviously take great pride in your business and you want it to succeed. More often than not, a second set of eyes or another pair of hands can tremendously boost momentum towards your aspirations. Ready to go? I will show you the way, hand in hand, to get what you deserve.


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Unmasking the Benefits!

Decreased working hours. Increased productivity. Decreased operating costs. I am talking about more time to yourself, less headache, less worry, and more productivity! Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Virtually Sourced not only takes care of your business, but also takes care of you. I provide insights and methodologies that work. Ready to take the plunge?

My Story

Why Do I Love Helping?

Going after dreams is what it is all about. Life is for laughing, loving, and living. It brings me such joy that I can provide this ideal for my clients. Why sit idly by and watch the world pass you by? Do you think you put here just to exist? No, you were put here to thrive. To be all that you can be and more. Too many times, people get comfortable: comfortable in their careers, comfortable in their lives, just too comfortable and never looking for change. Trust me when I say, you will step away a more balanced you, with more time for family, friends, and adventures. This is my joy. This is my dream. What is your why?

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If I’ve already got you thinking about what you can take off your plate, then it’s safe to say I’m doing my job. Fill out the project inquiry form below to receive a customized quote for your needs.


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“I can’t keep up.”

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“There is just too much on my plate.”

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What People are Saying

“Exceeds Expectations”

Desiree is professional, knows her craft, does not require supervision and “thinks outside of the box”. She is very responsive and meets and exceeds my deadlines and expectations. I will continue to use her services.

Tim M.

“Saved My Life”

I am incredibly appreciative of having the opportunity to work with Desiree. She saved my life and what took me hours she did in a matter of minutes. She is very professional and got back to me right away. I will definitely work with her again. Thank you so much! I am grateful for people like you.

Denessa H.

“The BOMB”

Desiree is very punctual, professional and the BOMB! She provides awesome support and is always willing to help. She goes above and beyond to help. I appreciate you so much.

Whitney A.

“Quick & Seamless”

Desiree created a social media graphic for my Virtual assistant business. The process was quick and seamless.  Desiree asked a little about my business, gave me an estimated turnaround time and exceeded my expectation by completing the graphic prior to the deadline she’d given me.  I would definitely recommend Desiree and I plan to work with her again in the future. Thank you!

Iyhonna “Yani” S. 

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Wisdom & Wellness

Coming Into the New Year Your Strongest Ever!

Coming Into the New Year Your Strongest Ever!

New year means changes. Changes for the better. Why not take advantage? Time to do things to better yourself, for yourself. First, figure out what your why is. Why do you want to change? How is changing going to make things better? What specifically do you want to...

Meditation: Good for the Soul

Meditation: Good for the Soul

In doing meditation, there are just too many benefits to list. I believe that this practice is extremely beneficial to the health and wellness of body and mind. I have laid out a few of these benefits below. Brings about calmness Reduces stress levels by reducing...

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