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Platform integration


The company needed to move all of their processes from 100% paper to digital, making scheduling, invoicing, and employee management easier.


A suggestion was made to find and set up a platform with all the necessary attributes that would help the company grow.

After some research, Virtually Sourced found the ideal platform, built in pricing & service agreements, and set up scheduling / invoicing / billing functionality.


After set-up was complete, they were already seeing more traction just one week after implementation.

“I have been working with Virtually Sourced for several years now. They have become such an integral part of the growth of my business. They completely designed my website and made sure the website was visible when people search for pet sitters. They also searched for and implemented a phenomenal platform to make my business run completely online and made it much easier for my clients to schedule services. Virtually Sourced not only made themselves easily available but their ideas and creativity are something I could never have done myself. They has completely changed the trajectory of my business and at the same time allowed for me to have a life. They are an asset to any business that is lucky enough to work with them.

~ Robin Grasso, CEO



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