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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min


I obviously failed the 31 week blog challenge. My bad. Do you ever feel like life gets in the way and the things you planned on accomplishing go by the wayside? These past couple of months have been like this for me, with lots of changes including the launch of my...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 11

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 11

If I Won the Lottery... Like a stacked tower of porcelain cups, filled to the brim and ready to topple. I would give back and help people within the community that need a helping hand or just a step up. It's the domino effect. You give to one and they start giving...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 10

Proudest Moment There are too many to count... I would have to say that my two proudest moments were the births of each of my kids. The life and beauty surrounding us as a family those days made me extremely proud of what we had accomplished. I continue to grow...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 9

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 9

First Celebrity Crush Backstreet Boys hit the scene in the 90's and exploded. So many fans globally.   Nick Carter officially became my first celebrity crush along with so many others. I don't follow the crowd by any means, but there was just something about...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 8

Tattoos & Piercings It is most definitely an artistic way to express yourself. By far, the nicest people I come across are pierced and tattooed. The negative stigma surrounding this artform is a shame.   I have pierced ears and a wrist tattoo in remembrance...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 7

An Old Photo of Me! I think perhaps that I was cuter back then, but this is one of my favorite pictures from this time in my life.   Show me yours!

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 6

My 10 Favorite Foods This post is challenging to write as I truly love food. It is so hard to narrow down my absolute favorites, but here it goes: Chicken Fettuchine Alfredo Chicken Parmesan Steak with Blue Cheese and Mushrooms Potatoes of any kind Pulled Pork Nachos...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 5

3 Personality Traits I am Proud Of There are so many different facets to each individual's personality. Again, hard to pinpoint exactly, but if I had to choose they would be:   Steadfastness Resourcefulness Determination I value these qualities, especially now...

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 4

31 Week Blog Challenge: Week 4

My Guilty Pleasure I can't help it. I'm a nerdy woman. My guilty pleasure is planning. Our next move, our next endeavor, our next adventure. There is something that is so serene and peaceful to me in the order of planning that I take extreme pleasure in. Is it too...

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