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Our Story

Welcome To Virtually Sourced Solutions

Established in 2018, Virtually Sourced Solutions is a passion-driven, forward-thinking, & innovative firm focused on streamlining organizational management. With over 60 years of experience across the team, we have adapted & evolved to meet the growing needs of our clientele, showcasing revolutionary techniques & solutions for the ever-growing business community.

As an International Consultancy, we pride ourselves on our ability to create customized solutions based on your needs, connecting you to our large network of top-shelf professionals, benchmarks, & best practices. From Net Promoter Score Surveys to Brand Image to Human Resources, we quickly & efficiently level up your business operations, facilitating rapid growth & dramatic expansion.

Only the Best

Fresh Perspective, New Momentum

With pillars of Integrity, Quality, Service, Collaboration, and Innovation, there are many things that we can do for EVERYONE. 


CRM Setup, Integration, & Management

  • Recommendation, guidance, and setup
  • Integration with existing platforms / technologies
  • Management of the database to maintain functionality

Lead Magnets / Opt-In Forms Creation & Management

  • Creation & maintenance of pages that drive membership and attendance
  • Creation & implementation of pages that capture email subscriptions

RSVP / Reminder Email Campaigns

  • RSVP campaigns are attendance-oriented for events, webinars, classes, or group engagements
  • Reminder campaigns keep the event or training top of mind and increases attendance massively
  • Campaigns use data from the above mentioned opt-in pages

Sales / Landing Page Creation & Management

  • Sales pages – where your audience goes to make a purchase, with shopping cart setup & automations
  • Landing pages – where the audience goes to get more information about events, webinars, or trainings and RSVP for them

Evergreen Offer Setup & Management

  • Evergreen is automated income where you are not required to lift much of a finger
  • Could be a paid webinar, training, course, or coaching

Affiliate / Referral Program Creation & Management

  • Creation & management of tracking links
  • Development of associated drip campaigns
  • Platform setup & management


Includes all items from the Breakthrough Package


Event Support & Coordination

  • Timeline & Scheduling
  • Audience chat engagement
  • Promotion campaign planning

Social Media Engagement & Nurturing

  • Building relationships with followers
  • Activities driving to an introductory meeting with the ideal client
  • Assistance with ideal buyer personas & messaging

Content Calendar & Post Creation

  • Social Media topic planning
  • Sourcing of associated graphics
  • Post creation (max 10 per month)

Buyer Journey / Secret Shop

  • Deep insight into what your buyers experience
  • In-depth analysis & report
  • Understanding of how you compare to your competition

Sales Funnel / Revenue Flywheel Creation

  • Outline of steps in your sales cycle
  • Automation of the steps for optimal engagement
  • Based on business model (funnel vs flywheel)


Includes all items from the Breakthrough

& Impact Packages

Brand Strategy & Reputation

  • Alignment of branding & messaging for audience cohesion
  • Rebranding guidance (if desired) to align with ideals & vision
  • Rebranding campaigns (if desired)
  • Building reputation through audience engagement

Client Support & Satisfaction

  • Handling of incoming inquiries or requests
  • Rapid response to client questions & concerns
  • Scheduling of meetings as requested

Course Creation & Management

  • Assistance with planning & timeline
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Platform setup & integration
  • Subscription page set up & management
  • Handling of membership requests


What People are Saying

“A Blessing”

“Such A Gift”

In the short time I have known Desi, she has become such a huge blessing to me and my business. She is highly efficient and passionate about getting her clients results. She solved a problem for me in just a few hours that someone else had been working on for weeks! I have yet to find something that she can’t handle – that’s rare today!

I can not say enough how much I LOVE having her & her team on my side.

Natalie Lavelock, CEO – Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting

Before I hired Virtually Sourced, my business was not ready to thrive. I had no system for leads, no consistency with people I interacted with regularly, and no clue how to do anything technical! It is such a gift to have Desi & the team handle everything so that I can focus on building my biz. She is thorough, efficient, & dependable.

I highly recommend hiring them if you want to make your life easier!”

Sonia Garcia, CEO – The Change Queen



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